Atos @ NRF 2020

January 12-14, 2020 in New York

At NRF 2020, Atos will explore what it means to win in the world of thinking retail – where intelligence is everything.

We are showcasing real-world use cases throughout the event, giving you the chance to get hands on with a new world of data-driven retail. We have chosen our use cases carefully from the Atos portfolio to reflect the full spectrum of retail activity, from in-store experience right through to supply chain management.

Every use case on show is a practical example of how digital innovation contributes directly and immediately to differentiating retail advantage.

Connected Coolers

Atos connected coolers are so cool! On-board intelligence takes self-service to a new level, using proximity sensors to entice customers and in-cooler cameras to monitor sales and issue re-stock alerts – they even measure footfall to advise on optimized location.

Shelf self-monitoring

Our self-monitoring shelving systems radically address routine retail operations, issuing right-on-time stock advice and alerting staff to on-shelf anomalies. But that’s just the start. Aggregated visual analytics for single and multiple stores give retail professionals unprecedented intelligence for layout analysis, review and optimization.

Blockchain for retail

Starting with the digitization of airway bills, Atos blockchain for retail establishes a transparent and immediately accessible data path across the entire supply chain. This benefits all parties, reducing cost and error and taking supply chain efficiency to a whole new level.

Robotic process automation

All retail process has traditionally been strongly reliant on employees for execution. This is true for everything from returns management to re-stock and logistics. Mounting pressure to perform causes a corresponding increase in the risk of human error. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) changes this forever. Learn how Atos RPA complements retail operation, improving customer experience and increasing effectiveness and profitability.

Join us in New York between 12-14 January at NRF 2020!

We will be on booth #545 throughout the show, sharing the stand with our specialist payment partner, Worldline.

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