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Digital Insights: The Hybrid Cloud Edition

Gartner Magic Quadrant
on DCO and HIMS

Strengths and weaknesses of leaders
in data center outsourcing and
hybrid infrastructure managed services

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Three big reasons to consider hybrid for business communications

Paper by Frost & Sullivan

It’s the only way to mix on- and off-prem services for next-level communications.

Healthcare in the cloud

Case study: Atos’ largest hybrid cloud implementation in North America

Healthcare IT company simplified data center operations fighting cyberattack mid-migration.

Gaining the digital edge: IoT in action

Article by Antonio Grasso, DBI; and Paul Albada Jelgersma, Atos

Will cloud and edge revolutionize IoT or will it be the other way around?

Swarm computing concepts, technologies and architecture

Paper by Atos Scientific Community

Swarm computing defined with use cases for robotics and industrial swarms.

The road to cloud portability

Paper by Atos Scientific Community

Transformation continuum is the new reality but the goal of portability is within reach.