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Digital Insights: The AI Edition

Webcast: Are you AI-ready?
By CIO Magazine, Google Cloud and Atos

Tatianna Flores and Philippe Poutonnet present research on the expectations and realities of enterprise AI projects.

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Journey 2022: Human-centric AI

Reports by Atos Scientific Community

Opportunities and threats surrounding artificial intelligence, from a human-centric perspective.

Override your instincts and find your way with AI

Blog by Jonas Bull, Atos

Why an AI lab? With AI, there’s no time to be a fast-follower.

AI/ML: How to get ahead of the

Report by IDG, Google and Atos

Fast followers must plan for these key tasks identified by IT leaders for AI/ML success.

What’s on the horizon for enterprise AI? Data.

Video of Windy Garrett, Atos

Data is booming. Use two simple parameters to avoid delays on your AI journey.

Digital Insights - The IoT Edition

Exclusive insights into IoT from Atos North America.