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American Manufacturing Strategies Summit 2019

 21st-22nd October 2019
 Hyatt Regency Houston, Texas
Visit our booth to connect with the Atos Manufacturing Retail Transportation team. Our experts will be at hand to answer your queries and walk you through our latest technology.

Automation made intelligent

Production and service delivery are critical to smooth manufacturing operations. Given the complexity and pace of technology advanced operations, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) reduces risk and increases efficiency leading to cost savings, increased output and faster speed to market with almost immediate results. However, the call to RPA, beyond front office/back office improvements are not so obvious. RPA can help quickly scale opportunity in areas that ensure the integrity and quality of complex automated production processes to involve less human oversight.

Learn how to get started with RPA in this short 50 second video. Atos North America’s Senior Director, RPA lead Yash Malge outlines the best methodology for starting on the RPA Journey.

Manufacturing better work routines

Download the white paper “Manufacturing Better Work Routines” to learn how RPA can help manufacturers perform routine office functions as bills of materials generation, invoice processing, and general ledger operations. Equally important, RPA relieves workers from boring, repetitious tasks, creating more desirable jobs related to the management and maintenance of the technology.

Learn how your organization can achieve the next level automation with RPA.

Robotic process automation helps manufacturers:

Maintain control

Maintain control over back-office and operational process with a next-generation platform that automates infrastructure, applications and processes across the entire manufacturing landscape.

Accelerate transformation

Increase SLA efficiency and reduce operational TCO with automation and agile cloud platforms that eliminate repetitive efforts, giving you more time to automate and customize your production environments.

Advance supply and inventory control

Improve predictability of supplier delivery and customer demand by automating manual processes. Intelligent automation also eliminates handling errors and improves regulatory compliance — keeping your operations running at peak performance.

Atos announces new partnership for RPA [Robotic Process Automation] with UiPath.
UiPath is a global leader that develops a platform for RPA.

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RPA: The newest take on automation

Learn the many facets of RPA in this blog series by Yash Malge, Senior Director of RPA, Atos North America: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

White paper
Amplify the benefits of RPA by incorporating artificial intelligence

Intelligent Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can transform key workflows across your manufacturing enterprise. Learn why intelligence is critical for maximizing the benefits of automation for your business in this new Atos white paper.

White paper
RPA for smarter and better working

RPA is emerging as a quiet revolution with increasing application in business processes.

Case study
Billing modernization handled with care

A global logistics company modernized its billing platform and saves $5 million annually.

What can Robotic Process Automation do for you?