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Applying Automation and Orchestration to Reduce Risk and
Improve Response Time

Atos Prescriptive Security is built with fully integrated components that vastly improve automation to more rapidly discover threats and vastly improve response times. Security information is instantly shared within our security fabric, meaning many manual tasks can be automated away. This leaves our analysts more time to perform important threat hunting and analysis.

In addition, since Atos Prescriptive Security is powered by Atos high-capacity bullion servers, our security service has the power and scale to churn through vast amounts of security data at a very high velocity.

Prescriptive Security is nothing short of a transformative service. It provides automation, orchestration and more rapid response times to help ensure compliance and mitigate risk.

We help you define the right policies, processes and information to balance costs against the very real risk of quantifiable business damage.
Full spectrum of evaluation and design services to create your integrated architecture covering both IT and OT (including SCADA).
Infrastructure and services for tailored onsite and off premises cybersecurity operations that adhere to your local regulations.
Public key infrastructure, hardware security modules, VPNs, smart cards and biometric options to secure your partner and supplier relations.
Attempts to access your network and apps are authenticated, and logged with our Evidian and DirX solutions, plus privileged identity management.
Atos delivers a feedback loop, combined with threat intelligence from McAfee and other global security partners.

Contact Atos for more information about Prescriptive Security and select a partner that can help you rethink how cybersecurity can protect your companies sensitive data.