The Agile Approach to Realising a Big Idea

European Public Service Organization adopts RPA to Accelerate Digital Transformation

Gartner DCO Europe 2018

With Digital Transformations underway, organisations may have considered Robotic Process Automation (RPA) but be unsure of what it means for them and their existing operations. There are many reasons for this, but generally it is down to the uncertainty of scale, the complexity of change, the magnitude of implementation costs and more largely to questions around realisation of returns.

Organisations are also under pressure from customers. Today’s customers are expecting costs to be minimised, service to be quicker and digitally accessible. In this context, organisations are considering how RPA can simplify customer interactions and speed up service delivery.

There remains some mystique about the term “Robotics” in RPA. Pictures of physical robots are prevalent. Yet an RPA robot is simply smart software that mimics a human user’s work on a computer; interacting with the system’s applications as a user would. An RPA Robot can be seen as a virtual worker doing the mundane, repetitively boring rule based tasks that human employees normally undertake.

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