Female FinTech Competition 2021
Following the success of our Female FinTech Competition in 2020 Atos, Deutsche Bank, Google Cloud, and Techquartier are holding a new competition for Female FinTechs to join our FinTech Community. It is a great opportunity to get visibility for your unique business idea and network with your peers!

FinTechs with a female founder or female(s) in the top management group.
We also encourage other women who would like to be business coaches to register for the competition. We will match you with a FinTech entrant so you can bring your industry and/or technical knowledge and experience to their business and contribute to their success.


The competition requires some very basic steps.  First, submit your idea for a FinTech innovation on this form.  The judging panel will select a set of finalists from those submissions. The selected finalists will prepare a business plan and present it to the judging panel for a final round of prizes and awards.


Prizes will be offered from the hosting companies.
Winners will have the opportunity to access and benefit from, the hosts’ expertise and resources, including spending time with relevant coaches.

Dates & Deadlines:

15 September: Interactive workshop discussing "How to write the winning business case?"
24 September: Submission deadline declaring participating in the competition as either a FinTech or coach for a FinTech. 
01 October:  Business case submission deadline.
21 October:  Competition held virtually on Google Meet.

Writing a business plan:

Writing a winning business plan requires you to consider:
  • The external environment
    - Your customer and the addressable market
    - Meeting the objectives of your external resource providers
      (in this case the Atos FinTech Community)

  • Your internal proposition
    - You - as the leader and founder - and your team
    - Your technology and creative product

Details on the Atos FinTech Community:

At Atos we favor FinTech that fit with our go-to-market strategy and industry solutions. This is largely so that we can assign an owner on our side to help mentor and support our FinTech, that they can be readily incorporated into our end-to-end client solutions and thus ensure that the FinTech is presented to the maximum number of our clients. The focus areas for us are:

  • Customer experience (e.g. digital assistant, digital banking, mobile payments, and wallet)
  • Business reinvention (e.g. loan utility, IoT, blockchain, instant payments)
  • Operational excellence (e.g. digital workplace, cloudification)
  • Trust & compliance (e.g. cybersecurity, trusted authentication, e-identify)

The benefits of the Atos FinTech community are significant for both parties – for you, gaining access to our clients is enormous. We serve 13 of the largest 20 banks globally and 15 of the largest 30 insurance organizations.

But we also help FinTechs develop their offerings further by introducing them to our Atos Financial Services Sandbox. Here we combine solutions between Atos and FinTech, test, create a demo, and work on the go-to-market to then take the solution to our clients. We have 16000 banking experts and 5000 insurance experts at Atos – all of which can help you accelerate your start-up!



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